Why LHP?

Looking toward the future with LHP

If you’re considering a hospital joint venture relationship, you probably have many questions. Key among them might be which partner is the best fit for your organization, your goals, your future and your mission.

We believe the most successful partnerships are those that bring together organizations who share the same values, respect each other’s opinions and strengths, and understand the power of collaboration to reach goals.

What LHP has to offer its hospital partners

Our business model is one-of-a-kind. We’re dedicated to giving hospitals the resources they need to help take care of their patients, physicians and employees. This includes the capital necessary to expand facilities, replace inefficient or outdated hospitals, add hospitals to existing networks or build new hospitals. But our model doesn’t stop there.

Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of healthcare services provided to patients. Our culture of collaboration is the cornerstone of our business—and the heart of our partnerships. In partnership with hospital leadership, LHP can create a collaborative culture that protects your hospital’s mission and future. We accomplish this by:

  • Improving the health of patients by always focusing on their needs.
  • Fostering physician participation and involvement in hospital decision-making.
  • Involving local leaders in the hospital governance of each partnering facility.
  • Recognizing the value and contributions of hospital employees.

Scenarios for Success

To better understand how a hospital joint venture partnership with LHP can benefit your hospital, take a look at the following case scenarios. These situations represent problems and solutions that members of LHP’s leadership have experienced in their years of hospital management.


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Why LHP Was Formed

A Great Board

Partnering to Meet Local Needs